Why Volunteer?

Different people VOLUNTEER for different reasons. We realize that firefighting is not for everyone, but we believe that VOLUNTEERING can be. There is plenty of work to be done on or behind the scene –such as helping make sure the trucks have gas and water,and cleaning up the stations.

At North Lookout Mountain FPD, there is SOMETHING for everyone!

The personal rewards and satisfaction received from what we do is often beyond description. The bottom line in our business is measured by the loss of life, pain and suffering, and the property damage we have prevented and reduced.

VOLUNTEERING in emergency services is one of the most important decisions you may make. We hope that you give this decision the time and serious consideration it deserves, and decide to join our ranks.  If you are interested in becoming a North Lookout Mountain FPD VOLUNTEER, please stop by the firehouse located at 5907 Hwy. 117, Mentone, AL on any Monday evening between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM CST for more information.

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